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About Neeshu Singh

Hi friends, I am Neeshu Singh Digital marketer, content creator, SEO maker, and the owner of In general words, I am a blogger and currently pursuing graduation. I like to know and read about those people who have faced all problems to achieve success status. And today, he has declared himself a billionaire. I prefer to read and write inspiring stories also. Because reading and writing these inspiring stories gives me motivation. By which I do my work with great fun. But that does not mean that I read or write such stories every day. I love watching movies, especially biography, action, mystery, sci-fi, and horror movies. And i also play video games but I mostly play open-world games. I thought of giving a review of the gameplay and games on NSapex. But I don’t think I will do this on this website.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

in 2018 I worked on a wonderful concept. A forum that inspired me to make this website. That was an opportunity for me whichever I took advantage and I purchase this domain name ( As well as I Led a team of 60 people to sell the products (both Tangibles and Intangibles) with Teamwork. Well that time, I also attended some five-star business conferences in which many successful businessmen used to come there.

And they share our personal experiences with us and I learned a lot from them. After attending business conferences we understand quite a bit Business is neither easy nor difficult. The more you do, the more you get. Well, this is the talk of 2018, at this time I am working on another website called NSempire. On the NSempire you will get Amazing Wallpaper for Android, IOS, Windows, And Mac.  To know about my Hobbies and more follow or connect me through social media.